Tuesday, November 13, 2012

YOGA - Attempt 1

On Halloween, I attended my 1st yoga class ever, which was part of a 30 class Groupon. Okay, my 1st 'any sort of exercise' class ever. It kicked my butt!

I'm not sure who Sharon Gannon is, but her quote doesn't apply to me.

At all.

While I'd love to discredit the entire experience as being a little too hippy dippy - the instructor was a man wearing pink bunny ears, we spent a great deal of time playing with a ball of electric energy we'd created between our hands, and the experience ended with a "sharing circle" and a hug - it was a much harder workout than I'd been expecting. I must have been the youngest person there by at least a couple decades, but geez, those little old yoga ladies are limber!

With the lights dimmed and soft music playing, we laid on the floor and raised our legs in some sort of relaxing breathing exercise. Simple, right? I could not get my legs to stop shaking! The instructor came over and lowered my legs below the level of the other students, saying that would be easier for me. Then he lowered my still twitchy legs more. Finally, he said I could just lie flat on the floor.

Next, all the little old yoga ladies reached out to hold their still elevated ankles. I tried and barely made it to my knees!

And the next day? EVERYWHERE HURT! I even skipped my annual post-Halloween hunt for free pumpkins and discount Halloween candy.

Just 29 classes to go.

Oh, and I never did get the 'electrical energy between my hands' thing. That 10 minutes was spent glancing around the room and copying the hand motions of my classmates. Like a boss!


  1. hahaha ohh i tried once.. but in true connie fashion i had to go all the way and do the hot yoga class.... which is the same thing only in a freaking sauna!!!! never again lamb...never again!

  2. I have been doing yoga for years....the good thing about yoga is that you can work at your own rate. It's harder than it looks sometimes but you can taylor your practice to fit your personal abilities.

  3. I LOVE the whole looking around the room imitating classmates thing. I have taken yoga a few times and it's just not for me. I joke that when I'm old and can slow down, maybe I will be good at yoga. INstead, right now, I'm always trying to outdo myself and push my flexibility. I need my legs higher than the next girl. My body in more of a pretzel than the woman behind me. Forget about centering and thinking deep thoughts. At least I have never had a class where we had invisible energy balls or hugs or an instructor wearing bunny ears.


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