Friday, September 4, 2015

Will I Ever Post Again?

Sexy Nerd has a new phone that takes excellent photos, so we've been using it exclusively instead of lugging a camera around. We have photos from the Colorado Springs Parade of Homes, our recent trip to Hawaii, and many other blog-worthy events. In fact, we attended the opening weekend of the home parade, making it essential to post on my blog ASAP so it could serve as a resource for people thinking of going. Sexy Nerd agreed. Any yet...

Sexy Nerd said he would send me the photos more than a month ago.

Sexy Nerd is still saying he's going to send me the photos.


Where are the photos, Sexy Nerd?!?

An old photo (obviously) of Sexy Nerd.
Spend less time giving pep talks to half-dead trees and more time sending me photos!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cupcakes

You know those children's books that don't have any words? A favorite of mine was always Pancakes for Breakfast. I did a little baking yesterday and turned the photos into my own wordless Chocolate Chip Cookie Cupcakes recipe.

Cupcakes for breakfast, anyone?



Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Egg Shortage?

Shortage, smortage. Sexy Nerd and I will be eating well during the looming eggpocalypse, thanks to our local Sprouts and their overzealous clearance stockers.

I spotted these from across the store, knocked everyone out of my way, and, of course, celebrated with a victorious happy dance.

Eggland's Best? These are higher quality eggs than I was buying before the egg shortage!

And the sell-by date isn't even for another week. Can you believe it?

Guest Bloggers Needed

Staycations just aren't cutting it right now and I'm itchin' to get away to some far off, tropical island.

Our back patio, complete with artificial rain courtesy of Sexy Nerd's ingenuity.


Also, could the builder have placed our neighbor's windows any more obnoxiously close??

If you would like to have your writing featured on my blog, including links to your site (woo hoo!) please send me an email. It can be a new post or an old post - whatever makes you happy!

Ahh, that relaxing vacation feels closer than ever now.
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